Jan 17

Keeping Warm

I have a current gig in a place called Pueblo Marinero, ‘Fishing Village’ in English, here in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

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Six of us cover all seven nights, myself doing Thursday and Sunday. Its an outdoor gig, though we do have some cover in the form of a band stand, or ‘templete’ as they call it in the local vernacular. Since about November the temperature has dropped progressively, and whilst the tourists don’t notice so much as they have arrived from freezing cold temperatures, for us locals its a bit nippy up there to say the least.

I recently had to resort to hand warmers which I got from a camping shop many years ago when on the road in the UK and Europe, when all our “on-the-road” work was done in the winter. The hand warmers contain a small rod of carbon that slow burns in a heat-proof pouch that you conceal on your person. I’m not telling where I stuffed mine, but thermal imaging cameras would, if pointed at me, get a surprise. I am now out of the carbon sticks and need to source some more – not easy on a tropical island, but there is a healthy fishing industry here so I might find some. For myself and the musicians with instruments, its actually slightly harder as we are confined to a mic stand and therefore static. As a pianist I suffer more from sitting in one position and you can´t do the Jerry Lee Lewis thing while you are singing Imagine, it looks like you are insane, I would imagine.

For tonight, based on the last week’s intense cold, I intend to give two new items a trial run. First, I have a bean bag that you microwave and heat up then stick on the affected area. I’m going to risk sticking this up my sweatshirt at the front, and use the zip of my hoodie as a regulator. At the back, I shall be sporting a thermal heat pad, concealing the cable down the stool leg and hopefully having access to the controls within arms reach.

I recommend you visit and see how it goes. It isn’t half as bad for the guests. For a start they are three meters lower and have the shelter of various walls, trees and bushes and in some cases are bolstered and mollycoddled with actual patio heaters. For the punters, it’s a breeze, a much warmer breeze and there´s live music on every night.

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