Jan 24

How Times Have Changed

Gone are the days when I sit at the piano, either writing in an awkward position with the manuscript paper on the music stand, or balancing a clip board on one knee. These days it’s iHelp all the way, using a piano app on my iPad and the source from the iPhone I can now sit at the kitchen table and score music.


Then I take a quick photo of the music on my iPhone and email it straight to the customer. He opens it on his iPad, so the wind can’t blow it away, it’s always lit and never gets dog eared like music used to do when it was paper. Plus, if he’s a spitty brass player, all he has to do is wipe the screen and not worry about the ink running. Icky, I know, but there are realities to being a musician that are not as pretty as the life style has a habit of being portrayed as.

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