Feb 12

The Pianists Equivalent of Thorntons

I had to write a bit about this site.  Somebody has taken the time to scour the net and collate many wonderful videos of pianists performing all manner of works.  It’s a fabulous resource, inspiring for the young and those just starting out. Its brain food for those of us who have ever tackled any of these pieces, and just jolly well great enjoyment if you just want some lovely piano music to accompany you at work.  I know its going in my favourites, It’s like a pianistic sweet shop, full of surprises.

I have to say, I find it a bit too distracting as I am listening to too much detail instead of letting it wash over me, but that’s my fault and not the fault of the site. Its beautifully indexed by composer from Albéniz to Villa Lobos or by pianist from Aldo Ciccolini to Zoltán Kocsis.  Some of the videos are quite old and sound quality suffers a little because of this, but others are in beautiful stereo.  All of the performances are live, there’s no trickery, this is a fantastic archive of high quality musicians at the very top of their game.

I was going to post a link to the home page, but this video has just had me in tears of joy and wonder.  The site is really easy to navigate so just jump right in here and listen to Lang Lang and Mark Yu (four hands one piano) playing the lovely Franz Schubert, Fantasia in F minor D.940 (Op. posth. 103)

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