Feb 20

Interactive iPad Piano App and EZ Keys Piano Software

Piano Player Plus iPad Piano App and ToonTrack      EZ Keys Piano Software

A couple of new piano related items have just come on the market, I have had a listen, here’s what I think about them.

I just found this interesting little app.  It’s like many other piano apps but with some added zing!  It’s a very useful tool for learning to read music.  Reading music is so important and a great mental challenge.  It stretches the mind, improves hand to eye coordination and with practice you get to actually achieve something that not enough people can do.

With this app you can practice anywhere, on long train journeys or road trips (obviously NOT if you are the driver) or just sat in a queue.  The app market has a great advantage with its portability meaning you can keep learning while you are away from your instrument.  I keep saying this, but its so important, ANY practice is good, even if that is just thinking properly about the music you are listening to.

This app sounds great, it’s a lovely piano sample and it comes with accompaniments as well as controls for adding vocals, tempo changing and muting various instruments.  The sheet music is clear and easy to read and the level of difficulty is adjustable as you improve. Its very nice to tinkle the piano on its own but the extras take it to another level as a serious tool for learning.

All in all, it’s a nice little app that will while away the hours and give you something back in return.

I can imagine the kids will also love it and could be a nice platform to get some extra music practice from them.

Check them out here




Toontrack have released a new JAZZ PIANO set for their EZKeys software.  Thiago Pinheiro was asked to give his take on a selection of jazz styles and meters.  The results sound gorgeous.  As a user of their excellent EZdrummer, I know how easy it is to get creative with their products and I can see these as an excellent tool for getting an idea across to a real player if you don’t have the chops to do it yourself.  It’s a simple drag and drop of the parts you want to use, you build up a timeline of bars playing the style over the chords you want at the tempo you want. You won’t be lost for inspiration as there are loads of variations and ending bars to choose from.

I’m pleased that quality pianists are getting work making software like this, I have no problem with it as it has the potential to inspire people to use real instruments and players.  You can break down the midi files and see how the pro’s approach a style, you can even slow it right down and have a go yourself at playing it.  If we are clever with it and use our imaginations we can get a lot more out of software like this than just pasting 4 bar blocks of ready-made piano into our songs.  I know my approach to drum programming has changed from my use of EZDrummer.

You can listen to a demo here and hear for yourself. – Alternatively, you could give me a call and I’ll play a real piano part for you !


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