Feb 22

My Fingers Are Too Fat

Excuses, Excuses


I have heard all kinds of excuses over the years about why people gave up playing the piano when they were younger.  Peer pressure, didn’t like the teacher ( a popular one among the older who tell me things could get a bit violent involving knuckles and a ruler ) clashed with football, too much homework, didn’t like the kind of music, etc. etc.  All lame excuses to be honest.  I say to my kids that if they want to play the piano, they will – it’s that simple.  Waste a day on the Xbox and its gone – waste a day playing the piano and it stays with you a long, long time.

Well this kid here wasn’t going to be stopped from playing the piano, not even that he only has six fingers in total – like I say, if you want to do it you will.

Check him out here in a report for ABC7 in San Francisco


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