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What a GREAT way to enjoy piano music on YouTube

What a GREAT way to enjoy piano music on YouTube


I used to love following scores in music class at school.  I just happened to come across this after following a link from http://pianoaddict.com a great resource for pianists. In the sidebar among the related videos section I spotted this and was instantly transported back to being to a twelve-year-old at school.  I swear I could even smell the gymnasium down the corridor from my classroom.

We did a lot of “score following” in class and I would love looking ahead to see how the melody was going to develop before we got there in the recording we were listening to.

When I saw orchestral scores for the first time I was ecstatic – here was a way to enjoy music without any sound!  That is to say if you could read music, there were not that many in early compulsory music that could.

I was extremely lucky to have my regular school music teacher as my private piano teacher and so I knew her fairly well.  She would often ask if I had any preference for the coming weeks classes.  Kind of like a request.

I think she put the score following activity in to the most disruptive classes and being an industrial Northern English town there were many students who had no intention of learning anything about music.

Following the score would give all the children a way to take part in class.  She would stop the music periodically and ask what pages we were all on.  Those who kept up had won the challenge and those that didn’t cheated anyway. I remember those lessons tended to pass really quickly.

They were enjoyable also because she explained the stories behind pieces like “The Carnival Of The Animals” or “Peer Gynt” and sometimes there would be sighs of recognition from the class if a piece was familiar to them from TV in the form of an advert or TV Theme.

I would strongly recommend any parent sitting down and doing this as an exercise   Its fun, you CAN do it if you don’t read music if the piece is simple enough and it’s great to share something challenging with your children.


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