Jul 24

Left Handed Piano For A Left Handed Pianist

Left Handed Piano For A Left Handed Pianist


I watched this after being brought to it’s attention by @piano_shop on twitter.  I found it a fascinating subject that kind of blows my mind a bit.  I am sceptical that a left handed pianist can still have a dominant left hand on the piano after being taught the conventional way for so long and to such an obvious high standard.  This piqued my interest enough to have a look and see if I can recreate the left handed piano in software using cubase and a sampler and reassigning the note information in the order a left handed piano would have to be strung.  I will for sure report back my findings but suffice to say, I can’t wait for a small window to get the chance to play.

If you are a left handed musician, do you play right handed or, in the case of drummers and guitarists, do you stick to a left handed set up.  Why did you chose that way?

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