Jul 29

Giving Back Pays Dividends

Doing some things for nothing is not a bad thing sometimes.  Especially when it means you can contribute to something as awesome as this. 

A few years ago my mate and writing partner Steve Amis and I were approached by a (then local) film maker about producing the music for his documentary Africa’s Greatest explorer.  We had a fantastic time researching the local tribes and collecting live wild tracks from footage being sent back and forth.  We really learned a lot and although the project took almost five years to come to fruition, it was a real pleasure and a buzz to see it all come together when it was finally screened on the History Channel.

Through Maasailand

Through Maasailand

We don’t hear that much about the program these days, although it is still in the transmission cycle in parts of the world.  We also released a CD for download on all the main mp3 sales sites and we have sold a steady – if not wealth making – income.  The surprising thing to us is where the sales come from, basically from New Zealand to the USA and on to the UK, basically all around the world.

So it is hardly surprising when we get asked permission to use the music as a back drop for other projects that are mainly locally produced slide shows or maybe a presentation about Africa in a library somewhere.  We always ask permission from the guy who commissioned the work, Mike Hacker and he has always said yes.  Of course we always ask for a credit and the web address of the main Africa’s Greatest Explorer website.

We were recently asked for permission for music use for a project that we were very interested in being able to say yes to and I am pleased to say we were able to comply.  The video is called
Blood & Leather: Re-creating the Maasai war shield in 2012 and was funded by the excellent http://www.conserventures.org/ who mission is to:

…….support exploration of our planet, and conservation of its natural and cultural heritage. We don’t create new projects. We provide assistance to small & often-overlooked conservation projects and research that make a real difference, on the ground, where it counts: with local people, to save threatened wildlife and/or cultures.

I highly recommend that you follow them on both Facebook and Twitter and if you are able to contribute, then please have a look around their website and see how you can get involved, there are many avenues to do so.  I am embedding the video here but you can also see it with all the relevant blurb and credits along side by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Their newsletter is also well worth a read and you can subscribe here

I wish ConserVentures all the best with their ongoing work and projects and I intend to offer my services providing music or audio services as soon as I have posted this and filled in their form.

Blood & Leather: Re-creating the Maasai war shield in 2012 from ConserVentures on Vimeo.


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