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Friends in the world of computers and blogging

Friends in the world of computers and blogging

by Sue Almond – Cheif writer at WRITERS END

A fantastic resource for budding writers or bloggers

Sue is fairly new to blogging, starting only in February this year but has already posted almost 100 articles and lessons about getting yourself motivated to write and the first part of an ebook comprising of groups of lessons to enable one to run a creative writing group, with the second part well underway.  Here she shares her thoughts about all the new “friends” she has made as she slowly gets to grips with social media.

They say you are lucky if you have six real friends, people you could count on, who are there for you no matter what. Have we devalued the word ‘friend’ by using it so freely to mean ‘contacts’ on social networking sites like Facebook? Not necessarily I don’t think as sometimes, in a variety of ways, those contacts are invaluable.
I have come into contact with a number of people in a whole host of situations that I have previously ‘met’ on Facebook; at a charity function, in volunteer situations, in the company of mutual friends, in their business context. In every case it has been an ice-breaker and nice to meet someone for real and already feel they are somehow familiar. I really like those ‘Need to know Lanzarote’ type pages too. No matter what you need someone will usually answer, sometimes in minutes, with local knowledge and contacts. How friendly and helpful is that? I am in closer touch now, with many members of my family and old friends than I have been for years, instant pictures of weddings, new babies, holidays and new homes…..

I have got into exchanges with a couple of well known people on Twitter. Marc, my blogging partner on writersend.com, tells me this is quite uncommon, but it was a bit of fun. One person I have interacted with a couple of times is the Rev Richard Coles, what a delightful man; next time I see him on TV it will be more like watching a ‘friend’. Our exchanges were just banter but I got into a real head to head, light heartedly, but we both meant what we were saying I think, with another well known person, who shall be nameless here, who was complaining about having to go all the way from London to Manchester for an interview, since the BBC moved part of its operation up there! As a northerner I wasn’t having that! Not central? Put a finger on a map half way between Hadrian’s Wall and Portsmouth, you will be within spitting distance of Manchester, it’s halfway up England!

Even more ‘friendly’ are the contacts you make through blogging. For a start there is a good chance you already have something in common, having looked at each other’s sites in the first place.
Finding Mike’s Life did us such a huge favour as we had just started on the idea of a writing blog. The plan was to make use of all the existing material that I had prepared for my writing groups, sharing that and new material with advice and information, guest blogs and helpful links for other wannabe writers, or people who might like to start a writing group of their own. Fortunately we had not got too far when we found Mike´s Life and were able to start again in a much more professional manner with the help of the blog and Mike himself. What a bonus, especially for me as an absolute beginner.
Since then we have invited professional writers to become visitors on our site, prepared an initial chapter of a book, which will be available soon as a down-loadable pdf file, and ‘met’ so many generous people willing to share their experience and expertise. The latest contribution, which we are delighted with, is number one of a series of blog posts by Bill Rogers on getting published: From Writer to Author in Easy Steps.

So I guess it all depends on your definition of a friend but since I started to use Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and other things on the internet that I did not even know existed not so very long ago, it has brought people into my life who have been interesting, amusing, entertaining, and definitely friendly and helpful. That will do for me!


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