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Here is a little bit about what I do

My main job is a musician, mainly a pianist but I also play bass. I have been playing piano, keyboards and guitar professionally for over 30 years now starting my studies as a seven year old and taking my first wage aged 13, much to the annoyance of the school board.

My father was a huge influence in my life and he encouraged my musical career and helped my sister and myself travel extensively in those early days. I left home aged 17 and travelled with a rock band for a few years before settling in the south of England as there seemed to be more work on the south coast for a musician.

Along the way various opportunities revealed themselves to me including many trips abroad, including a 3 month spell entertaining the troops out in Bahrain during the first Gulf war. That was certainly an experience not to be forgotten, the memories garnered there I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It was such a pleasure to play to a thousand different troops every three days and get to meet so many fascinating people in such difficult circumstances.



Entertaining the troops during Gulf War 1, 1991

Studio work was always a passion and I learned the basics of recording and was able to flex my musical arranging muscles along side some big, albeit rather diverse names, which I believe gives testament to my flexibility and versatility as an all round musician. The following is a brief synopsis for a less formal look at who I am and what I can do for you.

My Music

Over the years I have tackled almost every style of music in one way or another. I love playing good quality pop and rock music and to that end I gig on my own and with many talented singers.

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Myself and Drew Murdoch gigging during a live Ska and Reggae set at Drews own venue, the fantastic La Vida, here in my home town of Costa Teguise

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Heres myself and the lovely Mila Alemán relaxing during a break at Los Zocos – here also in Costa Teguise

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And heres the lovely and very dynamic Lorraine McG during a recent wedding gig we played.


I have played Big Band Jazz in Devon, Trad Jazz in Cornwall, Rock music just about all over the world, I have played on Cruise ships, Theatres, TV in several countries, have composed music for many hundreds of Radio Adverts. In 2007 I was commissioned to write the music for a History Channel TV documentary which is still on the play cycle as I write this. I was Musical Director for the infamous MAX BYGRAVES for his album 50 Golden Years, celebrating his 50th anniversary in show business, and which actually got to Number 10 in the Album Charts. Just heard the sad news of his death, he was a great guy to work with, very kind to me, both himself, his wife Blossom and his son Anthony.


Me, with Brad Davis, Martin Barre and Mark Tucker at a session in London in 1994

I also did a string of recording sessions with producers Brad Davis and Jon Sweet, including a string arrangement and conducting session of the London Concert Strings led by the massively talented Gavyn Wright, and a bit of extra keyboard work for Jethro Tull guitarist,Martin Barre for his solo album “A Trick OF Memory”.

In a final note, I could not have made this website without the help of HTML TUTORIALS FROM HERE

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    Lots of info, hope it leads to lots of work. Nice to read some of it that I remember

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