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May 06

Some Interesting Piano Pics

Marble Steinway

Had these piano related pics sent on to me recently.  I love the effort that people make when doing these kinds of things, it’s not something people can do in five minutes.  Take a look at these two   And on a smaller scale………….. I also saw this photo recently of a Steinway with the …

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Feb 24

Laurel & Hardy dance Santana

Laurel & Hardy dance Santana I had to post this bit of mashup genius, don’t know why they make me feel so good watching them.  

Feb 17

An English Boy Abroad

Old Family Home

An English Boy Abroad (When “Abroad” is the UK)   A few years ago my eldest lad asked me if one day it would be possible for me to take him to my home-town to see where I was brought up.  The occasion arose at the end of June this year and we set off …

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Jan 16

Fun ways of training your musical ear.

Virtuoso Piano

Fun ways of training your musical ear. Fun ways of training your musical ear. Part 1. I was thinking about music in general the other night as I realised that I have come to listen to background music more closely than ever.  I use every opportunity to keep my ear keen and every-day background music …

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Dec 19

A Nice Xmas Piano Song

A Nice Xmas Piano Song   This is a nice schmultchzy  xmas song done in a way that’s interesting to watch, even if it is pushing all their products at the end.    

Dec 16

Piano Playing Police

Saw this on the BBC website, seems some pianists are hidden behind “proper jobs” more than you think.  Have a look, this Prague police officer is having a blast.  I love these public pianos, they always throw up surprises at some point.  I really enjoyed this, shame it’s so short really.

Dec 11

That piano is ALIVE

I had to share this I just came across on twitter just now. The most fun – I’d love to do this. Interactive Piano is watching you.

Nov 26

The Loss of a Gig

photo (12)

The Loss of a Gig   About a month ago I was called and told that I was no longer required for a gig.  There was no problem with me, they said, just that their budget had been cut and I was the first thing to go. It wasn’t that big a deal, they told …

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Nov 22

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista”   This instrument , Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista” was invented by over 500 years ago and has been built and brought to life using his own plans by Slawomir Zubrzycki.  It has a piano style keyboard and sixty one strings, but instead of being struck or plucked by hammers …

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Nov 13

How much of a musician are you?

How much of a musician are you?     Take this tongue-in-cheek test to find out.     Powered by Interact

Nov 12

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit My contribution to the WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit  

Nov 07

Special Pianos

Further to reading THIS ARTICLE about an aeroplane shaped piano on show at Pittsburgh Airport: an article I hilariously tweeted out ” Aircraft shaped pianos – do you think they will ‘take off’ ” my cousins son in Costa Rica sent me this, just to shut me up. Amazing, and I want one.

Nov 06

Lang Lang is THAT GOOD

Lang Lang is THAT GOOD This is brilliant – I wonder how Chopin himself would have taken this.

Nov 02

Halloween Night


 Halloween Night So, I decided to make an effort this year as I was in a public square.  It wasn’t the easiest costume to play in, but boy did it get my picture taken.   And my eldest sister was even prepared to give me a lovely kiss – she’s scared of nothing. And I …

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Oct 30

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations   Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations live studio recording from 1981. This video has captivated me for a while now.  It’s just wonderful to hear the man himself humming and grunting along with his playing.  He really does get into it in a way others don’t.  To watch a performance …

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