Bass Renovation Day 1

Taking the guitar to pieces.


Today was a challenge for sure. With the exception of three screws, those retaining the back plate covering the electronics, I had trouble from screw number one. On the one hand this was fortunate, as it taught me that this is an old guitar, and it needs some care from the off.

The first screw I tried to remove was on the back holding the neck on. The head sheared straight off and on the second the same thing happened. The third and fourth were in very tight and took a while to get loose. I tried drilling the broken screws out but none of my drills would bite and so I ended up screwing around them. I figured I’d fill the holes as there is a steel plate that will cover any damage. The screws left in the neck are an issue however, and I started a snag list with the investigation of methods of removal of the screw shafts at the top of it. I’ll link to any results when I find something that works.




One of the bridge screws also refused to budge and I had to drIll that one out as well. The bridge needs attention if I don’t replace it. It’s chromed but in bad shape. I’ll have a look on my friend YouTube – there’s bound to be a way of buffing it back to new, like soaking it in cola or something, it’s on the snag list anyway.IMG_0520


The jack socket wouldn’t come out without me holding the other side. It was quite tight as it was badly oxidized. That’s one part up for replacement. The guitar also has a knob missing and I don’t know if I can find what I need here so that’s also on the listIMG_0522 IMG_0519 IMG_0523




So that’s the body stripped back ready for sanding.  I will document it in pictures when I do it but for now I would like to point out that I intend to keep the sunburst effect and have found this excellent video on how to go about this.  It just makes me sad that I have no access to quality guitar purpose products like they are using in the film, but the trade off is I live in a world without rain.

The Neck

Apart from having the two screws stuck in the neck at the body end, the machine heads also gave me trouble.  Some of the little screws came out as if they were not even gripping and others held fast and no amount of gentle coaxing could get em.

IMG_0511IMG_0527 IMG_1107








In the end I ruined a few drill bits drilling them out but and what was left stuck in the wood came out easily enough using pliers, although there are a couple that sheered off low enough for me not to be able to reach them.  I will leave these for now as I can see them needing as much attention as the fat screws stuck in the other end.  I’ll be binning the damaged machine heads and popping the two that work in a box for spares for later on in case I do another guitar.



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