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Dec 19

A Nice Xmas Piano Song

A Nice Xmas Piano Song   This is a nice schmultchzy  xmas song done in a way that’s interesting to watch, even if it is pushing all their products at the end.    

Dec 11

That piano is ALIVE

I had to share this I just came across on twitter just now. The most fun – I’d love to do this. Interactive Piano is watching you.

Nov 22

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista”   This instrument , Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista” was invented by over 500 years ago and has been built and brought to life using his own plans by Slawomir Zubrzycki.  It has a piano style keyboard and sixty one strings, but instead of being struck or plucked by hammers …

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Nov 12

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit My contribution to the WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit  

Nov 02

Halloween Night


 Halloween Night So, I decided to make an effort this year as I was in a public square.  It wasn’t the easiest costume to play in, but boy did it get my picture taken.   And my eldest sister was even prepared to give me a lovely kiss – she’s scared of nothing. And I …

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Oct 24

Wedding time.


Today I played a lovely wedding ceremony at the church in Tia’s called Candelaria. It’s an ancient old place that’s been added to over the years to make it the size it is today and while it’s big enough to hold maybe a hundred people the original part, now the alter, could have held no …

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Oct 21

Interesting Pianos Around the World Part 1

Piano at Burnham Thorpe All Saints Church

Interesting Pianos Around the World Burnham Thorpe All Saints Church Famous as the birthplace of Lord Nelson The rectory where Nelson was born no longer exists, but the church still stands and in it is a beautiful old piano.  Whilst reading up on the church there was a suggestion that the piano was said to …

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Oct 17

The Piano – Amazing Short Animation by Aidan Gibbons With Music by Yann Tiersen

The Piano – Amazing Short Animation by Aidan Gibbons With Music by Yann Tiersen   I stumbled upon this, moved me beyond words, so beautiful, my wife and I sat on the piano stool watching it with tears streaming.  They asked to embed and share and so it is with pleasure that I do this. …

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Oct 11

Hearing Care for Musicians


Hearing Care for Musicians       A few days ago, for an experiment, I took an on-line hearing check.  I must stress this is not a medical check but an indicator.  If you have any problems with your ears you should always first seek medical advice from your GP or a qualified audiologist.  The …

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Oct 07

Losing yourself in what you are playing

View up from the keyboard

Losing yourself in what you are playing   There comes a moment in all musicians’ lives where you just get lost in the moment. Losing yourself in what you are playing is one of the most pleasurable experiences that can happen to a musician. I often catch myself wondering how my hands are doing what …

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Sep 30

The Language of Music: 101


The Language of Music: 101   A little frivolity for today’s offering, an introduction to some of the wonderful phrases used to help musicians understand how the composer intended his music to be played.   People can be musicians all of their lives and never pick up a piece of sheet music and so never …

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Sep 23

Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades And make it look like you are just the master of one   So its been quite a week gigging wise.  I have done 10 gigs over the last seven days and was offered even more as the week wore on.  I realise I am fortunate to have so much work …

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Jul 29

Giving Back Pays Dividends

Through Maasailand

Doing some things for nothing is not a bad thing sometimes.  Especially when it means you can contribute to something as awesome as this.  A few years ago my mate and writing partner Steve Amis and I were approached by a (then local) film maker about producing the music for his documentary Africa’s Greatest explorer. …

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Jul 09

My Very First Visit to Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie

It was winter of 1985 and I was in a band on the road in Europe. I was the youngest in the band by ten years, being just over a month away from my 19th birthday, and had no say whatsoever in the direction we were going, either musically or geographically. This was my first …

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Jun 05

Music Behind the Lines – Gulf War 1991, Part 3

Despite his feminine looking legs, he did us proud match after match

Music Behind the Lines – Gulf War 1991, Part 3     In the first two parts of this series I spoke about how we got out to the Gulf and our initial reactions to adapting to it.  Part three tells of the daily life aboard a ship full of war-weary troops. *In an update, I …

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