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Jan 16

Fun ways of training your musical ear.

Virtuoso Piano

Fun ways of training your musical ear. Fun ways of training your musical ear. Part 1. I was thinking about music in general the other night as I realised that I have come to listen to background music more closely than ever.  I use every opportunity to keep my ear keen and every-day background music …

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Mar 21

Ear Care – 101 Hearing tips for musicians

Whether you are a musician or a DJ, or even an avid concert goer, nothing will spoil your enjoyment more than damaged ears. We have all been to concerts or performances that have left us with ringing ears.  Here’s what happens. There are tiny hair cells inside of the ear canal that vibrate with sound. …

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Feb 16

When Can I Start?

MAJOR UPDATE since I wrote this post I was alerted to this video by @stevesilberman on twitter. PLEASE watch this and then read the post. I am often asked about giving children piano lessons. Parents, keen to fill their child’s day with activities come flushed with pride that their toddler always perks up at the …

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