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Nov 26

The Loss of a Gig

photo (12)

The Loss of a Gig   About a month ago I was called and told that I was no longer required for a gig.  There was no problem with me, they said, just that their budget had been cut and I was the first thing to go. It wasn’t that big a deal, they told …

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Nov 02

Halloween Night


 Halloween Night So, I decided to make an effort this year as I was in a public square.  It wasn’t the easiest costume to play in, but boy did it get my picture taken.   And my eldest sister was even prepared to give me a lovely kiss – she’s scared of nothing. And I …

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Oct 30

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations   Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations live studio recording from 1981. This video has captivated me for a while now.  It’s just wonderful to hear the man himself humming and grunting along with his playing.  He really does get into it in a way others don’t.  To watch a performance …

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Oct 28

Dads Last Gig

Dads Last Gig   I found this photo from a magazine from 1999 when I played the opening set at the World Tourism Day event organised by the local council.   It’s special to me as it was the last time my Dad saw me play, and to top it all, he had no clue …

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Sep 12

The Hands of a Pianist

The Hands of a Pianist   I am often complimented by people about my lovely clean piano playing hands.  I don’t have short stubby fingers nor bony and long, and I can reach a decent tenth in both hands.  Men who do “real” jobs that use tools or lift heavy things are cheerfully insulting about …

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Aug 20

Musical Health

Musical Health   Hand and arm stretches are so important for musicians.   No matter how long you practice for before a gig, it still helps to keep flexibility in your limbs and the following includes some great ways to do this. I was planning an article on this very soon but the excellent Busted Piano String has …

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Jul 25

Boogie Piano Patterns

A nice, clear vidoe of the basic building blocks for playing Jerry Lee Lewis style boogie piano.  Stick these in your arsenal.  

May 15

Music Behind The Lines. Gulf War 1991 – Part 1

I swapped my leather trousers for this whole uniform, I still have it and wear the cap often

Music Behind The Lines. Gulf War 1991 – Part 1   So, my band and I were playing a gig in Newport, South Wales on the 17th January 1991. It was a prestigious job, in the Hilton hotel, backing all the other artists represented by our agent in a showcase designed to sell his acts …

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Mar 21

Ear Care – 101 Hearing tips for musicians

Whether you are a musician or a DJ, or even an avid concert goer, nothing will spoil your enjoyment more than damaged ears. We have all been to concerts or performances that have left us with ringing ears.  Here’s what happens. There are tiny hair cells inside of the ear canal that vibrate with sound. …

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Feb 22

My Fingers Are Too Fat

Excuses, Excuses   I have heard all kinds of excuses over the years about why people gave up playing the piano when they were younger.  Peer pressure, didn’t like the teacher ( a popular one among the older who tell me things could get a bit violent involving knuckles and a ruler ) clashed with …

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Feb 19

Lang Lang and “the critics”

Lang Lang

“I started to learn classical music when I was two,” he said. “When I was eight, I used to practice six hours a day. You must do it.” Lang Lang     This may be a bit excessive for most eight-year-old’s, but Lang Lang is really at the top of his field.  He plays almost 300 shows …

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Feb 12

The Pianists Equivalent of Thorntons

I had to write a bit about this site.  Somebody has taken the time to scour the net and collate many wonderful videos of pianists performing all manner of works.  It’s a fabulous resource, inspiring for the young and those just starting out. Its brain food for those of us who have ever tackled any …

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Feb 09

Tinnitus Awareness Week

4th to 10th February is Tinnitus Awareness Week and I’d like to write briefly about it today as a sufferer of over 20 years. Tinnitus is best described as a high pitched ringing heard in the head by the sufferer when no such noise source exists in the real world. You can get lots of …

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Jan 17

Keeping Warm

I have a current gig in a place called Pueblo Marinero, ‘Fishing Village’ in English, here in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote View Larger Map Six of us cover all seven nights, myself doing Thursday and Sunday. Its an outdoor gig, though we do have some cover in the form of a band stand, or ‘templete’ as …

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