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Feb 17

An English Boy Abroad

Old Family Home

An English Boy Abroad (When “Abroad” is the UK)   A few years ago my eldest lad asked me if one day it would be possible for me to take him to my home-town to see where I was brought up.  The occasion arose at the end of June this year and we set off …

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Jul 29

Giving Back Pays Dividends

Through Maasailand

Doing some things for nothing is not a bad thing sometimes.  Especially when it means you can contribute to something as awesome as this.  A few years ago my mate and writing partner Steve Amis and I were approached by a (then local) film maker about producing the music for his documentary Africa’s Greatest explorer. …

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Mar 18

Street Pianos and Pianos Everywhere

Blackburn Piano

Piano’s are everywhere.  Some are cared for passionately and others guarded and displayed in museums and quite rightly so.  The piano is a beautiful instrument and deserves to be revered.  Not all of them live in peace though.  Here is a selection of real and not-so-real situations that end badly for the piano.   The piano has …

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