These pages are dedicated to those involved with music and drama on a day-to-day basis.

They may be neither famous or even well know to most of us, but they exist at the “front-line” of our industry, active in the pursuit of performing, aiding performers be at their best or in the teaching of music and helping getting it “out there” for the rest of us to enjoy.

Their hard work and dedication must not go un-noticed, as many have spent their entire working lives in the shadow of lesser talented people who have been fortunate enough to be “discovered”.

Matthew North

Matthew North I have know Matthew, or Matt or even “Northy” since he was a fresh faced college student at South Devon Technical College.  He was mad on music and electronics back then and had been for quite some time before I met him.  Matt was, at that time, living in Bovey Tracey, a typical sleepy …

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Sara Holt – A Life In Music and Theatre

Sara Holt   Sara Holt (nee Venitt) is a long time friend of my wife and was a bridesmaid at our wedding in 1994.  I always knew she was involved in music and theatre but was never really sure to what extent.  Over the years, living with my wife she often mentioned things about their …

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