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Jan 16

Fun ways of training your musical ear.

Virtuoso Piano

Fun ways of training your musical ear. Fun ways of training your musical ear. Part 1. I was thinking about music in general the other night as I realised that I have come to listen to background music more closely than ever.  I use every opportunity to keep my ear keen and every-day background music …

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Oct 11

Hearing Care for Musicians


Hearing Care for Musicians       A few days ago, for an experiment, I took an on-line hearing check.  I must stress this is not a medical check but an indicator.  If you have any problems with your ears you should always first seek medical advice from your GP or a qualified audiologist.  The …

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Mar 21

Ear Care – 101 Hearing tips for musicians

Whether you are a musician or a DJ, or even an avid concert goer, nothing will spoil your enjoyment more than damaged ears. We have all been to concerts or performances that have left us with ringing ears.  Here’s what happens. There are tiny hair cells inside of the ear canal that vibrate with sound. …

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Feb 24

You Make That Piano Talk

You Make That Piano Talk   It’s been said to me at the end of a gig, when an audience member realises I’m English, he or she will sometimes say (often in a northern accent but others do apply-I’m northern so I’m using the accent) “By ‘eck lad, you can make that piana talk” It’s …

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Feb 09

Tinnitus Awareness Week

4th to 10th February is Tinnitus Awareness Week and I’d like to write briefly about it today as a sufferer of over 20 years. Tinnitus is best described as a high pitched ringing heard in the head by the sufferer when no such noise source exists in the real world. You can get lots of …

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