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Feb 24

Laurel & Hardy dance Santana

Laurel & Hardy dance Santana I had to post this bit of mashup genius, don’t know why they make me feel so good watching them.  

Jan 16

Fun ways of training your musical ear.

Virtuoso Piano

Fun ways of training your musical ear. Fun ways of training your musical ear. Part 1. I was thinking about music in general the other night as I realised that I have come to listen to background music more closely than ever.  I use every opportunity to keep my ear keen and every-day background music …

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Dec 16

Piano Playing Police

Saw this on the BBC website, seems some pianists are hidden behind “proper jobs” more than you think.  Have a look, this Prague police officer is having a blast.  I love these public pianos, they always throw up surprises at some point.  I really enjoyed this, shame it’s so short really.

Nov 26

The Loss of a Gig

photo (12)

The Loss of a Gig   About a month ago I was called and told that I was no longer required for a gig.  There was no problem with me, they said, just that their budget had been cut and I was the first thing to go. It wasn’t that big a deal, they told …

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Oct 30

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations

Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations   Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations live studio recording from 1981. This video has captivated me for a while now.  It’s just wonderful to hear the man himself humming and grunting along with his playing.  He really does get into it in a way others don’t.  To watch a performance …

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Oct 28

Dads Last Gig

Dads Last Gig   I found this photo from a magazine from 1999 when I played the opening set at the World Tourism Day event organised by the local council.   It’s special to me as it was the last time my Dad saw me play, and to top it all, he had no clue …

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Oct 21

Interesting Pianos Around the World Part 1

Piano at Burnham Thorpe All Saints Church

Interesting Pianos Around the World Burnham Thorpe All Saints Church Famous as the birthplace of Lord Nelson The rectory where Nelson was born no longer exists, but the church still stands and in it is a beautiful old piano.  Whilst reading up on the church there was a suggestion that the piano was said to …

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Oct 17

The Piano – Amazing Short Animation by Aidan Gibbons With Music by Yann Tiersen

The Piano – Amazing Short Animation by Aidan Gibbons With Music by Yann Tiersen   I stumbled upon this, moved me beyond words, so beautiful, my wife and I sat on the piano stool watching it with tears streaming.  They asked to embed and share and so it is with pleasure that I do this. …

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Oct 07

Losing yourself in what you are playing

View up from the keyboard

Losing yourself in what you are playing   There comes a moment in all musicians’ lives where you just get lost in the moment. Losing yourself in what you are playing is one of the most pleasurable experiences that can happen to a musician. I often catch myself wondering how my hands are doing what …

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Apr 04

Give a Piano Some Love

“One of the lessons that we were learned in this process is that instruments like that have to be played,” Terry said. “Our approach to the piano prior to that was not to play it and to protect it and preserve it. The truth is… it’s built to be played.” Robin Terry from the Motown …

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Mar 12

Elton Dog

I couldn’t resist sharing this.  I have no idea where it came from but I found it on Facebook at Share.It.Pics so credit to them and as there was an option to share and embed the video I’m doing it here. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the worlds best canine piano player – Elton Dog – …

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Mar 10

Music Training Apps


I have been looking at a few Apps that are available for learning music and ear training and I have to say, they’re not in short supply.  There are some excellent “official syllabus” apps relating to the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music with aural training exercises designed to develop your aural abilities at the grade level …

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Feb 22

My Fingers Are Too Fat

Excuses, Excuses   I have heard all kinds of excuses over the years about why people gave up playing the piano when they were younger.  Peer pressure, didn’t like the teacher ( a popular one among the older who tell me things could get a bit violent involving knuckles and a ruler ) clashed with …

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Feb 20

Interactive iPad Piano App and EZ Keys Piano Software


Piano Player Plus iPad Piano App and ToonTrack      EZ Keys Piano Software A couple of new piano related items have just come on the market, I have had a listen, here’s what I think about them. I just found this interesting little app.  It’s like many other piano apps but with some added zing! …

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Feb 19

Lang Lang and “the critics”

Lang Lang

“I started to learn classical music when I was two,” he said. “When I was eight, I used to practice six hours a day. You must do it.” Lang Lang     This may be a bit excessive for most eight-year-old’s, but Lang Lang is really at the top of his field.  He plays almost 300 shows …

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