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Nov 26

The Loss of a Gig

photo (12)

The Loss of a Gig   About a month ago I was called and told that I was no longer required for a gig.  There was no problem with me, they said, just that their budget had been cut and I was the first thing to go. It wasn’t that big a deal, they told …

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Nov 22

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista”   This instrument , Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Viola Organista” was invented by over 500 years ago and has been built and brought to life using his own plans by Slawomir Zubrzycki.  It has a piano style keyboard and sixty one strings, but instead of being struck or plucked by hammers …

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Nov 13

How much of a musician are you?

How much of a musician are you?     Take this tongue-in-cheek test to find out.     Powered by Interact

Oct 28

Dads Last Gig

Dads Last Gig   I found this photo from a magazine from 1999 when I played the opening set at the World Tourism Day event organised by the local council.   It’s special to me as it was the last time my Dad saw me play, and to top it all, he had no clue …

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Oct 20

Spend a Penny

Spend a Penny   I know this is doing the rounds at the moment, but it is wonderful.

Oct 16

Lille Piano Festival

Lille Steps

Lille Piano Festival   My good friends Dick and Jan sent me this lovely photo of a set of steps they came across while on a trip to Lille in Northern France, and also very kindly allowed me permission to use it. Situated on the Deûle River, near France’s border with Belgium, Lille is the countries fourth-largest metropolitan area after …

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Oct 11

Hearing Care for Musicians


Hearing Care for Musicians       A few days ago, for an experiment, I took an on-line hearing check.  I must stress this is not a medical check but an indicator.  If you have any problems with your ears you should always first seek medical advice from your GP or a qualified audiologist.  The …

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Oct 07

Losing yourself in what you are playing

View up from the keyboard

Losing yourself in what you are playing   There comes a moment in all musicians’ lives where you just get lost in the moment. Losing yourself in what you are playing is one of the most pleasurable experiences that can happen to a musician. I often catch myself wondering how my hands are doing what …

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Sep 30

The Language of Music: 101


The Language of Music: 101   A little frivolity for today’s offering, an introduction to some of the wonderful phrases used to help musicians understand how the composer intended his music to be played.   People can be musicians all of their lives and never pick up a piece of sheet music and so never …

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Apr 04

Give a Piano Some Love

“One of the lessons that we were learned in this process is that instruments like that have to be played,” Terry said. “Our approach to the piano prior to that was not to play it and to protect it and preserve it. The truth is… it’s built to be played.” Robin Terry from the Motown …

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Mar 21

Ear Care – 101 Hearing tips for musicians

Whether you are a musician or a DJ, or even an avid concert goer, nothing will spoil your enjoyment more than damaged ears. We have all been to concerts or performances that have left us with ringing ears.  Here’s what happens. There are tiny hair cells inside of the ear canal that vibrate with sound. …

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Mar 18

Street Pianos and Pianos Everywhere

Blackburn Piano

Piano’s are everywhere.  Some are cared for passionately and others guarded and displayed in museums and quite rightly so.  The piano is a beautiful instrument and deserves to be revered.  Not all of them live in peace though.  Here is a selection of real and not-so-real situations that end badly for the piano.   The piano has …

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Mar 12

Elton Dog

I couldn’t resist sharing this.  I have no idea where it came from but I found it on Facebook at Share.It.Pics so credit to them and as there was an option to share and embed the video I’m doing it here. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the worlds best canine piano player – Elton Dog – …

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Feb 19

Lang Lang and “the critics”

Lang Lang

“I started to learn classical music when I was two,” he said. “When I was eight, I used to practice six hours a day. You must do it.” Lang Lang     This may be a bit excessive for most eight-year-old’s, but Lang Lang is really at the top of his field.  He plays almost 300 shows …

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Feb 16

When Can I Start?

MAJOR UPDATE since I wrote this post I was alerted to this video by @stevesilberman on twitter. PLEASE watch this and then read the post. I am often asked about giving children piano lessons. Parents, keen to fill their child’s day with activities come flushed with pride that their toddler always perks up at the …

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