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Dec 19

A Nice Xmas Piano Song

A Nice Xmas Piano Song   This is a nice schmultchzy  xmas song done in a way that’s interesting to watch, even if it is pushing all their products at the end.    

Dec 16

Piano Playing Police

Saw this on the BBC website, seems some pianists are hidden behind “proper jobs” more than you think.  Have a look, this Prague police officer is having a blast.  I love these public pianos, they always throw up surprises at some point.  I really enjoyed this, shame it’s so short really.

Nov 06

Lang Lang is THAT GOOD

Lang Lang is THAT GOOD This is brilliant – I wonder how Chopin himself would have taken this.

Oct 16

Lille Piano Festival

Lille Steps

Lille Piano Festival   My good friends Dick and Jan sent me this lovely photo of a set of steps they came across while on a trip to Lille in Northern France, and also very kindly allowed me permission to use it. Situated on the Deûle River, near France’s border with Belgium, Lille is the countries fourth-largest metropolitan area after …

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Mar 04

What a GREAT way to enjoy piano music on YouTube

What a GREAT way to enjoy piano music on YouTube   I used to love following scores in music class at school.  I just happened to come across this after following a link from http://pianoaddict.com a great resource for pianists. In the sidebar among the related videos section I spotted this and was instantly transported back to being …

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Feb 12

The Pianists Equivalent of Thorntons

I had to write a bit about this site.  Somebody has taken the time to scour the net and collate many wonderful videos of pianists performing all manner of works.  It’s a fabulous resource, inspiring for the young and those just starting out. Its brain food for those of us who have ever tackled any …

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