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Jan 16

Fun ways of training your musical ear.

Virtuoso Piano

Fun ways of training your musical ear. Fun ways of training your musical ear. Part 1. I was thinking about music in general the other night as I realised that I have come to listen to background music more closely than ever.  I use every opportunity to keep my ear keen and every-day background music …

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Nov 13

How much of a musician are you?

How much of a musician are you?     Take this tongue-in-cheek test to find out.     Powered by Interact

Aug 20

Musical Health

Musical Health   Hand and arm stretches are so important for musicians.   No matter how long you practice for before a gig, it still helps to keep flexibility in your limbs and the following includes some great ways to do this. I was planning an article on this very soon but the excellent Busted Piano String has …

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Apr 29

Just do it…..or maybe just have a think about it first?

stickman Piano

Artwork by the excellent and very talented @GillJeffery13 at www.pinmandesigns.com  Sacrifice has a price I was planning an article on getting out whatever it is you have inside of you, be it learning an instrument or writing the book you feel you have inside.  I use the past tense “was” as the rather excellent James Rhodes has …

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Mar 21

Ear Care – 101 Hearing tips for musicians

Whether you are a musician or a DJ, or even an avid concert goer, nothing will spoil your enjoyment more than damaged ears. We have all been to concerts or performances that have left us with ringing ears.  Here’s what happens. There are tiny hair cells inside of the ear canal that vibrate with sound. …

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Mar 12

Elton Dog

I couldn’t resist sharing this.  I have no idea where it came from but I found it on Facebook at Share.It.Pics so credit to them and as there was an option to share and embed the video I’m doing it here. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the worlds best canine piano player – Elton Dog – …

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Mar 04

What a GREAT way to enjoy piano music on YouTube

What a GREAT way to enjoy piano music on YouTube   I used to love following scores in music class at school.  I just happened to come across this after following a link from http://pianoaddict.com a great resource for pianists. In the sidebar among the related videos section I spotted this and was instantly transported back to being …

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Feb 20

Interactive iPad Piano App and EZ Keys Piano Software


Piano Player Plus iPad Piano App and ToonTrack      EZ Keys Piano Software A couple of new piano related items have just come on the market, I have had a listen, here’s what I think about them. I just found this interesting little app.  It’s like many other piano apps but with some added zing! …

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Feb 19

Lang Lang and “the critics”

Lang Lang

“I started to learn classical music when I was two,” he said. “When I was eight, I used to practice six hours a day. You must do it.” Lang Lang     This may be a bit excessive for most eight-year-old’s, but Lang Lang is really at the top of his field.  He plays almost 300 shows …

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