TV and Media

Below are some examples of work I have done recently for TV and Video.

Recently I wrote the music for this TV program which currently airs on The Crime and Investigation Network with my friend, Steve Amis.  It was first shown in September of 2009 Called Living With Murder but has stayed on the cycle for a while as it was a very emotive subject.



And again, with Steve, we scored the sound track for the successful History Channel program Africa’s Greatest Explorer produced by my good friend Mike Hacker, a photographer and film maker based in the UK

More information on this whole project can be found at Mike Hackers own website Through Maasailand.  Here’s a publicity shot taken by Mike as we were producing the score


The CD soundtrack is currently available on Amazon. Get it here.

The Hardest Fight is a profile of 70 year old boxer Dave Payne, made by the very talented Photographer John Hicks

He also made this short of a Japanese style of dance called Butoh by Marie Gabrielle Rotie

And this is a very inspirational video that I supplied original music for.

It follows the story of Ray Edwards, a quadriplegic who attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro  the highest mountain in Africa.


I have also written many jingles for adverts, websites and other media and a selection of small clips wil soon be available to hear.  If you would like to purchase any or commission any for your self, then you just have to get in touch via the contact form and I will be happy

to quote for you.


  1. Connor Patmore

    I very much enjoyed the series Living With Murder as I am studying Forensic Investigation. I am firmiliar with the music used in the title sequence and qute liked it. I Had no idea it was you that wrote it. Nice work.

  2. pianomarc

    Thanks for the kind words Connor, I really enjoyed composing for that program, I saw lots of raw footage of related stuff, it was a very interesting subject to try to define the emotions musically .

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